7 Best Must Have Hair Care Products For Daily Usage


If you were to buy every hair cosmetics in the market today, your whole house will be overflowing with products. There are hundreds of products from multiple brands flooding the shelves of the supermarket today. From contract manufacturing hair cosmetics to herbal cosmetics and luxury brands — there is something for everyone.

  • Hair Oil

Yes, your mother was right! Hair oil gives your hair the kind of deep conditioning that is not possible otherwise. Oil massages are an age-old ritual in India, even finding mention in the great Ayurveda. It hydrates the roots of the hair, giving it strength. Your hair will grow stronger and have a beautiful luster. Hair oil also improves the density and growth of the hair. Today you can get formulations that do not leave your hair limp and greasy. Oils that can be used for massaging include bhringraj, coconut and olive oil.

  • Heat Protecting Spray

Many of modern hair styling equipment use high heat to style the hair. While it may work wonders for the hair, it does leave it brittle and dry. The hair becomes more prone to damage, such as breakages and split ends. Using a heat protecting spray can save your hair from this damage. The spray is applied over the hair before you hit with heat.

  • Shampoo

This is one of the essential hair care products. A shampoo cleanses the hair by removing dirt, oil, and grease. To use, simply take some shampoo and apply it to the hair and scalp. The shampoo forms lather or foam. It is this lather that attracts and traps the dirt. Just wash off the shampoo to remove the lather. It keeps our hair clean.

The chemicals in a shampoo also give it a shine and bounce. But these are also responsible for stripping away the outer protective layer of the hair. Herbal shampoos that uses naturally found substances like Shikakai, Methi and Amla are the best alternatives. These herbs help to keep the hair clean without harming it in any way. One thing to keep in mind when buying is the type of hair you have. Contract Manufacturing Hair Cosmetics usually specify the type of hair shampoo is meant for.

  • Dry Shampoo

It is not possible or recommended that one shampoos one’s hair every day. Shampoos can leave the hair dry and brittle. Dry shampoo is a more viable alternative when you need a quick shampoo, but do not have the time or the inclination to wash your hair. The solution is basically alcohol mixed with some kind of starch which absorbs the grease from the hair. Dry shampoos are very convenient when you want a quick fix for the bad hair days.

  • Conditioner

This is a no-brainer. Just as you need the shampoo, you also need the conditioner. A conditioner is meant to repair the damage caused by shampoo. It hydrates the hair, giving it softens and shines. To use, take a dollop of the conditioner and massage it through the hair. Herbal conditioners are a better option since they repair the hair even as they hydrate it. Herbal conditioners use coconut oil, jojoba oil, amla, honey, mulethi, and other herbs.

  • Leave-in Conditioner

Not as commonly used as the conditioner you use in the shower, it is nevertheless quite useful. Unlike regular conditioners, the leave-in conditioner does not have to be washed away on the shower. The application is similar to the usual conditioners. You have to use this after you towel dry your hair after your bath. Take a dollop and massage it into the length of the hair (not the scalp). The leave-in conditioner makes your hair soft, detangled and manageable. It is particularly recommended if you are going to use a styling product. The conditioner forms a protective shield and hydrates the hair. Leave-in conditioners also provide volume to the hair.

  • Hair Mask

This is an extra protective layer for your hair. It should be applied once a month. Hair masks act as a deep conditioner, hydrating and repairing the hair from deep within. The mask is applied as a paste and left for some time, followed by a hair wash. Contract manufacturing hair cosmetics firms make both conventional chemical as well as herbal conditioners. Herbal conditioners use ingredients like Brahmi, Coconut Oil, and Avocado Oil.


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